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Coach Ljubinko Drulovic is confident the desire to make the fans happy will drive Uzbekistan to victory in the AFC U23 Championship Thailand 2020 third place play-off tie against Australia on Saturday.

“We will have our strategy and we will prepare well and there are a lot of situations when we will need quality. We have good players, but against Saudi Arabia we didn’t score and that’s not normal for us.”

“Normally we score and that was our problem in the last game. If we score we have more chances to win and I think we will score tomorrow because that’s important in these games.”

“I think we are ready for this game. It’s very important for us. We will play as a team and try to give our best.”

“Motivation is very important for this game. I think we have big motivation because for us this game is a final. We have one more chance to play in the Olympic Games.”

“Tomorrow we will try to give our best and we have quality to play good football. They’re a very good opponent, but I think we have our chance to win the game if we play at a high level.”