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The head coach of the national futsal team of Uzbekistan, Jose Venancio Lopez, took part in the press conference after the match.

– The match was very variable. When we were leading 2-0, we should have scored the 3rd goal and decided the fate of the game. We lost control in some situations and Tajikistan could have even won. However, justice prevailed in the penalty shootout and we deserved to win today.

About the missing aspect to win the Asian Cup
– Before the World Cup, we need to improve many aspects and work a lot. Sometimes mental preparation is more important than tactical preparation. Because in the match against Iran, it was this factor that gave us a warning. The guys lost their concentration for a while. We must treat everyone equally. This is one of the most important elements for victory.

About the national team of Tajikistan and today’s match
– The national team of Tajikistan prepared very well for this tournament and has achieved a lot of growth in terms of the play. Especially after taking the 1st place in the group and going to the quarter finals, he grew mentally. They never give up, fight to the end and are a very competitive team. Due to our lack of motivation, we lost control, our futsal players made mistakes in some situations. There is a big difference between our victories in previous matches and today’s achievement.

About what the coach changed in the team
– After coaching the team, I made some tactical changes. I introduced new schemes to the team, but the most important thing for me is how our team reacts to different situations and controls the match. I think this is the biggest issue we need to improve on, because in order to control the game, you need to avoid mistakes at all.