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The national futsal team of Uzbekistan drew with Iran for the first time in the official tournament

Before yesterday’s match, the national futsal team of Uzbekistan met IR Iran 12 times in the Asian Cups and lost all of matches.

Group stage – 3 times
Quarter finals – 2 times
Semi-finals – 4 times
Final – 3 times

Biggest losses:

Asian Cup-2001. Final
IR Iran 9:0 Uzbekistan

Asian Cup-2014. Semi-final
IR Iran 10:0 Uzbekistan

The semi-final match of the AFC Asian Cup 2024 is the 13th match between the teams in the history of the tournament. Our players recorded a draw with the national futsal team of Iran for the first time in official matches. Our futsal players coached by Jose Venancio Lopez had an even match against the opponent not only in scoring, but also in terms of creating moments.

In this match, it is necessary to recognize the reliable match of the our goalkeeper, Abbos Elmurodov. Elmurodov made more than 10 saves during the match, eliminated a double penalty in extra-time and returned one shot in the penalty shootout.

Abror Akhmetzyanov also stood out. At the end of the first half, after a pass by Khusniddin Nishonov, he led our team to the lead. In the second half, the opponent’s shot from the sideline hit Abror, changed its direction and went into our goal. However, 20-year-old Ahmetzyanov managed to equalize the score in the 38th minute.

Fazliddin Botirov, who didn’t score the last shot in the penalty shootout, is also 20 years old and will become one of the leading futsal players of the national team in the future. Most importantly, the losing streak against Iran has been put to an end. The national futsal team of Uzbekistan will continue to develop.