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August 11, 1979. It is a day when the heart of the entire Uzbek football community is deeply saddened. At that time, members of the “Pakhtakor” team, which was considered the pride of Uzbek football, crashed in the sky. The name “Stars Scattered in the Sky” will never be forgotten. Year after year, their images are transferred to the younger generation with a sense of pride.

Idgay Tazetdinov

Vladimir Chumakov

Mansur Talibjanov

Mikhail An

Vladimir Fyodorov

Olim Ashirov

Ravil Agishev

Konstantin Bakanov

Yuri Zagumennykh

Aleksandr Korchyonov

Nikolay Kulikov

Vladimir Makarov

Sergey Pokatilov

Viktor Churkin

Sirojiddin Bozorov

Shuhrat Eshbotayev

Vladimir Sobirov